Cats rule the Internet. This is nothing new. What IS new is this fun new web app that pulls in cat videos from Vine. [Read the full article…]

Sure, you can search for different keywords and hashtags in the Vine app itself, but what if you want to search and browse Vine vids from your computer? Enter Vineyard. [Read the full article…]

Here’s another Mashable article aboout Vine, highlighting how some businesses are using it to market themselves.

Link: Brands Introduce Ads on Vine at Mashable

Mashable just published a post highlighting some great art on Vine, and they’re asking for your examples of artsy Vine vids. Check out the article, and here’s a video to whet your appetite:

Cap Watkins recently wrote on his blog that Vine is a mistake. Twitter should work on making its core product—Twitter—better, and not mess around with anything else. He says: [Read the full article…]

Last week Apple removed the 500px app from its app store, citing concerns over how easy it is to access nudity. 500px is not a porn site but a fine art photography site. As such, there apparently are fine art nudes on the site that were accessible via the app.

Well, remember the Vine Editor’s Pick porn debacle? Why hasn’t Apple given Vine the boot? [Read the full article…]

Hamish McKenzie just wrote up a great article over at PandoDaily titled Six reasons why Vine is a killer news tool. I think the most important of the six reasons is number three: [Read the full article…]

Checking Vine every has quickly become part of my morning routine. I checked it this morning and on the home screen was the editor’s pick video, as usual. Except this video was tagged as NSFW (not safe for work). It was a very NSFW video involving a dildo and nudity.  [Read the full article…]

You know how on Twitter there’s there’s the little blue “Verified Profile” bubble thing next to the names of users who are famous or high-profile? It looks like this: [Read the full article…]

What Is Vine?

January 27, 2013

Good question. You know Instagram, right? Vine is like Instagram for videos, but without the filters. It’s better than that, though. [Read the full article…]